How To Kayak For Beginners

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Today we will be looking at how to kayak for beginners.Kayaking is one of the most popular water activities.But it does take awhile and some practice to get the full understanding of it.As there are important techniques to follow and also safety tips to keep in mind.The main aim of this article is to show you the basic tips you will need to start your adventure.

Kayaking Safety Tips

While kayaking is a very safe sport, the fact that you’re on the water means that when unexpected situations come up it can get very serious. Hence we recommend that you follow the below tips.

1.Not only should you not drink and drive, but you should drink alcohol and kayak. Has over the years this proved to be the main reason for most paddlers getting into difficulty.

2. Always wear a lifejacket, once you’re going out on the water this is a must. As not only will it keep you a float in case of difficult in the water. But most are designed with cool reflectors making it easy to spot kayakers even when there’s a lack of visibility.In the past paddlers use to complain about lifejackets being uncomfortable. As they were not designed for kayaking specifically so they tend to be bulky. But you can find on the market now a wide variety of kayaking life jackets

3.It is important to dress for your conditions, especially if kayaking in colder seasons.

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How to Kayak for Beginners

1.Before you even get into your kayak you need to keep in mind your limitations. What does that mean? Basically don’t paddle out into waters further than where you can comfortably swim back to shore. Now let’s talk about getting into your kayak.

2.If there’s a dock at location you’re kayaking that’s great. But in case there isn’t you will need to place the kayak in water that is below knee level, facing out. And rest the paddle on the kayak out of your way. Most kayaks nowadays are designed with conveniently placed paddle holders.

3.Next slowly lift and place one into the kayak and followed by the other foot and grab both sides of the kayak with your hands and slowly lower your body into the boat. This technique helps to give you a stable feel while entering.

4.There are other techniques that you may consider easier. Here is a kayaking for beginner’s video showing another popular technique of how to enter and exit a kayak. Click here

5.Then reach for your paddle and you can start paddling.

What’s next after Entering the Kayak

6.Without going too deep into paddling technique. I will give you a tip that I have learned over the years. As a beginner you need to know that to properly paddle you will need to use your whole upper body with every stroke. For instance if paddling forward don’t just reach forward with your arms, but instead use your upper body also, doing this you will feel a slight twist in your torso. Overall by following this technique you will be able to paddle for longer periods easier. And also get a workout while you’re at it.

7.Furthermore getting out of the boat you will follow practically the same technique as you did going in. Meaning you pull up to the shore, in shallow waters. Rest the paddle on the side of the kayak if there isn’t any paddle holder.

8.Then place both hands on the kayak gripping the areas beside you and slowly lift yourself. And then take one foot of kayak and place on the shore followed by the other foot.

The below video is showing the easiest way to re-enter the kayak while on the water