Best Sea Kayaks

best sea kayaks

So you are ready to take on the sea? But need a good kayak that will allow you to have the best experience on your adventure. Well, you have stumbled on the right article has below we reviewed the best sea kayaks for 2018.We spent numerous hours reading top kayak blogs and days of combing kayak forums. To deliver to you this accurate and precise best touring kayak 2018.

Best Sea and Touring Kayaks Review

RankPictureNameMax. WeightCheck Price On Amazon
#1top rated sea kayakOcean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak275-325 PoundsCheck Price On Amazon
#2best sea and touring kayaks
Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak
300-350 PoundsCheck Price On Amazon
#3best touring kayaksRiot Kayaks Edge 14.5 LV Flatwater Day Touring Kayak (Yellow/Orange, 14.5-Feet)325 PoundsCheck Price On Amazon

Whether you’re thinking about choosing a single or tandem kayak we have you covered. The kayaks on this list are highly rated and are the go to kayaks for numerous professionals at a budget friendly price.

Best Sea Kayaks and Touring Kayaks 2018

1. Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

top rated sea kayak 2018

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Most kayak enthusiasts or weekend adventure seekers know the Ocean Kayak brand because of their budget friendly top-rated line of kayaks. But assuming you don’t know. Ocean Kayak brand was originally found in 1971 in a backyard in Malibu; it all started with a creative surfer, taking out is old surfboard and carving out two places. One to sit in and the next to place is scuba gears. When the other beach goers saw this unique creation a business was born, and as the same the rest is history. 

One of the main reasons why their kayaks are so in demand is because of their long history overall they have produced tens of thousands of kayaks and has been rated as one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of sit on top kayaks. And with each passing year and gradual improvement in technology, they are also used their knowledge to breed new innovation and designs.

The ocean frenzy kayak is definitely a top rated sea kayak, and if their previous track record is anything to go at they will be number one for many years to come. As this compact, easy to maneuver, lightweight kayak. Makes it easy for any skill level kayaker to enjoy them out in the sea.


This kayak is designed with a tri-form hull. The tri-form hull design actually combines primary and secondary stability, with a long center keel. This in turn helps to keep the kayak straight and also for added stability to maker also used two shoulders, theses act like a sponson.

Lightweight and easy to transport. Weighing only 43 pounds and also molded with side handles. This kayak is light enough for most to lift or drag to the sea and also easier to lift to place on a pickup or car top.

Furthermore, its sit on top design will also help with stability and keep you mostly dry. As water won’t be easy splash or come over the sides. Also in case, you should be unfortunate to experience water inside the kayak while riding. I would advise you to put a plug in the seat scuppers.

Another standout feature of this kayak is its compact design. Not only is durable and well built, but its unique design makes it easy for almost anyone to use. Whether you’re an adult or even a child, you will love this kayak.In addition, even taller kayakers have found joy while using this kayak, as it is spacious enough for different body sizes. Some customers have even taken it in surf.

In addition, it is designed with well-padded seats and also cushioned seat backs. Allowing you to enjoy good back support. And no matter your body type you will be able to adjust the seat to fit your liking. This is a definite plus for those longer voyages.

Also, this 9 feet kayak, offers the best tracking when compared to its competitors.


Because of its tri-form hull design, the kayak offers more stability than speed. This isn’t a major flaw as it makes this kayak a good buy for both fishing and diving also.

Bonus Info.

  • LENGTH:9′ 0″ | 2.7 m
  • WIDTH:31″ | 78.7 cm
  • WEIGHT:44 lbs | 20 kg
  • SEAT WIDTH:18″ | 45.7 cm
  • LEG LENGTH:50″ | 127 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY:275-325 lbs | 124.7-147.4 kg

Final thoughts: – To choose the right sea kayak, you need to first think about your level of skill when it comes to kayaking. Would consider yourself a beginner or you a well-seasoned kayaker.If you’re a beginner I know you may still have doubts if the kayak will capsize with you. Well, I am here to reassure you that one of the stands out features of all top rated sea and touring kayak is there high level of buoyancy. Base on research and thorough reviews I would recommend the ocean kayak frenzy if you’re a beginner. As it is known to provide the most stability when in use. Furthermore, it is lightweight and very easy to manage. Plus it won’t dent your pocketbook. As it is well priced and value for the money.

2. Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

best sea and touring kayaks 2018

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Built with a slightly similar design to the kayak above it on this list. Except that the ocean kayak scrambler is 11 is designed with a bit more in the length department. Making it a good kayak to buy for multiple reasons whether it is for a little surf or some kayak fishing or even just for cruising this kayak will do an amazing job. Not only does it offer good stability but it is easy to maneuver.This is one of the best kayaks for ocean use.

The scrambler 11 is also built from durable material, so you don’t have to worry if you will be damaging it when you drag it over the sand or pebbles. Even constant UV exposure won’t cause any signs of damage.Making it a good all year round kayak. This kayak is built to withstand the test of time and will give you value for your buck and then some.

This single seat kayak can handle a max weight capacity of up to 300 to 350 pounds. And with a leg length of 50 inches. Making this kayak a good buy also for taller or heavier kayakers.Furthermore, as with other ocean kayaks, this model uses the patented overlapping foot wells design for maximum flexibility when it comes to seat positioning.


In addition, it has a wider than usual seat at 18 inches. And with the comfort plus seat back, you will definitely be comfortable while using. Ocean kayaks have been known over the years to have the most comfortable kayak seats on the market.

Misplacing your paddle or not knowing where to store your paddle for easy access is a thing of the past. As this kayak is designed with paddle keepers on both sides of the kayak. Using a pull tab design for easy releasing and attaching the bungee to the bungee button also.

When it comes to stability the scrambler 11 kayak uses the popular and highly rates tri-form hull design. Has it is known to provide the best stability and also improved maneuverability.11

Another stand out feature of this kayak is its 6 inches cam lock hatch.This provides you with a dry storage area to keep your accessories while kayaking. And for the larger items, you can use the tank well with the bungee straps.

Also you just in case you need somewhere to put your water bottle, the kayak is designed with a molded-in cup holder.

And this kayak is only 47 pounds making it light enough most users to easily handle, whether taking it out of the water or car topping it by yourself.

What also makes this one of the best sit sea kayaks is its sit on top design, which allows you to face the waves without fear. Because you can rest assured that when you happen to take on waves in the surf, it will be draining directly through the scupper holes that are well positioned.


Does come with its own scuppers, but you can easily order the scupper plugs on Amazon.

When it comes to the seat base on reviews we have experienced mix reactions.But if you have a desire for additional back support, I would recommend that you by an adjustable seat to replace the factory model.

Bonus Info.

  • LENGTH:11′ 6.5″ | 3.5 m
  • WIDTH:5″ | 74.9 cm
  • WEIGHT:47 lbs | 21.3 kg
  • SEAT WIDTH:18″ | 45.7 cm
  • LEG LENGTH:50″ | 127 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY:300-350 lbs | 136.1-158.8 kg

Final thoughts: – when choosing a top rated sea kayak or touring kayak.One of the main things you should keep in mind is the max weight limit of the kayak and size of the cockpit area.And if you have read the Ocean Kayak Scrambler review above you will see that compared to the other sea and touring kayaks.It would be the best fit for practically any size rider.Plus it is still not too heavy to carry as the kayak weighs only 47 pounds.

3. Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 LV Flatwater Day Touring Kayak (Yellow/Orange, 14.5-Feet)

best touring kayak 2018

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The Edge 14.5 L riot kayak, is the perfect example of a complete kayak. This slender, long touring kayak is a hybrid of a recreational kayak and a sea kayak. With this kayak, you will be able to take on practically any water conditions without fear or doubt. Made by Riot Kayaks Company, this 51 pounds kayak is created with enough chine and keel to give you the same stability and in a sense better than most models. Hence why this kayak is so popular amongst serious kayakers.


Designed with the paddle rest at the front of the cockpit. This allows you to put down your paddle and take a breather if needed, while the kayak steadily tracks along. And also it is close enough for you to easily pick it up and start paddling again when you’re ready.

When I review some models of kayak I sometimes see customers complain about the positioning of the drain plug. But when it comes to the Riot Kayak brand, their kayaks constantly gets compliments about the placement of the drain plug at the side of the cockpit. Furthermore, I doubt you will see any water under the deck hatches during your adventures.

Furthermore, it is designed with advanced custom fitting seats and adequate leg room for even taller kayakers and tracks well.

In addition, this kayak definitely isn’t any slouch. As you will soon come to realize that it is quite fast for its length.

The rudder allows you to enjoy maximum control even in strong currents or waves. Perfect for handling rough water or if you get caught in bad weather.

Kayak designed with spacious cargo areas for storage


When conducting the review I did come across one customer that said, the seat was comfortable enough for their pleasure. This is understandable and if you should feel dissatisfied with your kayak seat. And feel the need for more cushion you can easily order a top quality seat from Amazon.

Bonus Info.

  • Length: 14’4’’ (439 cm)
  • Width : 22.4’’ (57 cm)
  • Weight : 51 lbs (23 kg)
  • Max weight. : 325 lbs (147 kg)
  • Cockpit size inches (mm) : 32‘’ x 18’ (81x 46 cm)

Final thoughts: – A rudder kayak could be compared to an automatic car. As it tends to be a lot easier to maneuver.Making this kayak a good buy for some that plans on kayaking while taking photographs or can’t be bothered to learn all the steering techniques it takes to be a true pro.

This sea kayak helps to eliminate majority of the steering problems you may experience with other kayaks. Making this kayak very popular for all levels of kayakers.

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Sea Kayaks Buyers Guide

What is a Sea Kayak?

Each kayak is built with a certain purpose in mind. Sea kayaks are made specifically for persons that want to kayak in open waters and rough seas. These kayaks are a lot more durable and buoyant compared to other kayaks. As they are made to handle rocking waves and waterline for speed, furthermore they offer good directional stability. Another stand out difference in sea kayaks compared to let’s say a recreational kayak. Is the length as most sea kayaks tend to be 17 to 20 feet long.

They are also made with the bow and stern bulkheads, which definitely help to prevent water from filling the ends of the boat if it should capsize.

What is a touring Kayak?

Touring kayaks are designed to handle the ocean, open waters of lakes and bays. Using a somewhat similar design to sea kayaks, but where they differ is the lack of maneuverability compared to sea kayaks. But they are mostly used for their larger cargo space for storage in the bulkhead sections.




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