Best Kayak Seats

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Having a comfortable kayak seat is a must for anyone that owns a kayak. Kayaking is loads of fun when you’re comfortable. But if you have an uncomfortable seat that causes your back to ache and offer no form of back support, it will almost be impossible to enjoy yourself. But going from site to site searching for the best kayak seats 2018 can feel like a real hassle. Furthermore there are some models that although good for your basic seating, I wouldn’t consider them the best kayak seat for back support. But no matter your personal desire I am sure you will find the most comfortable fishing kayak seat to suit you.

Best Kayak Seats On The Market

1. Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat Detachable Back Backpack/Bag Canoe Backrest

best kayak seats 2018

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The pactrade marine kayak seat is designed to users the highest quality of comfort possible on a kayak or even a canoe. This kayak seat is also designed for easy adjustments. Making it easy for you to install it to your desired position. As it is designed with adjustable front and rear straps. So you can firmly secure your seat. This kayak seat is originally designed for sit on top paddlers, but have also gotten rave reviews from persons who have used it in sit in kayaks also.

Furthermore to make sure your seat is well secured; you will receive 4 copper hooks. That should be used to secure the seat to the kayak.In Addition this seat is nonslip and is adequately padded for a comfortable ride.


Easy to set up

Comes with detachable backpack that can be used to store kayak accessories or snacks

Made from high-quality polyester

Can be used on both sit on top and sit in kayak and also canoes

Sturdy enough for you to lean back


Bag pack isn’t waterproof

2. Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak Seat Boat Seat

most comfortable fishing kayak seat

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For under $50 you will be able to get one of the most comfort kayak seats. This leader accessories kayak seat is designed to give you both back and butt support. Making it a good buy for those long fishing trips. What stands out about this deluxe kayak seat is that fact that it actually contours to the user body.This allows it to give you overall comfort. It’s also made of molded foam.And can also be easily adjusted, as it is designed with marine grade solid brass connecting snaps. Furthermore you will receive 2 straps in the front and 2 straps in the rear, these features allow this seat to fit almost any kayak model.


Very affordable

Offers good back support, as the backrest as a semi-rigged feel. Meaning it isn’t too firm but at the same time not weak or floppy

Unique design makes it a good fit for most models of kayaks

Very easy to install


Seat section could have been better padded

3. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back (Black)

best kayak seat for back support

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With extra foam padding, this ocean kayak comfort plus black seat is a must of have for all kayak owners. It gives users both support and comfort, furthermore its four ways adjustability helps to provide a custom and comfortable fit to most body types. The makers of this kayak seat designed it with the idea of delivering the same comfort you would experience seated on a couch.

In addition it is made with durable, UV resistant nylon pack cloth. Plus reinforced stays for durable seat construction. Furthermore the seats are designed with reflective logos that actually glow in the dark after a day of sun exposure.


Very durable as it is designed with UV-resistant nylon pack cloth

Has more foam padding compared to most kayak seats.

Designed with reflective logos that may come in handy in case you’re on the lake in the night

Value for money

Offers good back support


 Straps tend to get loose after usage for long hours

4. Paddle Saddle W/High Backrest

best kayak seat for bad back

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The YakPads high back gel paddle saddle is designed to provide users with a comfortable seat, and the manufacturers put extra effort to offer the best back support of a kayak seat. Designed with a gel filling this seat cushion will keep your comfortable for hours on end. Furthermore it is designed with numerous ways to attach it your kayak. Making it easy to fit almost any model kayak.


It is one of the best kayak seat for back support

Easy to install

Lightweight as it only weighs approximately 3 pounds

Very comfortable and a must have for long trips


Takes awhile to dry when wet

5. GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat – No Pack

elevated kayak seat

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Are you tired of those kayak seats that no matter how good you attach it, after awhile it still slips out of place? Well with the GTS Expedition molded foam kayak seat that will never happen. Has it is designed with a 6 point rear attachment that puts a stop to any slippage. Furthermore by counterbalancing the pull points will secure the seat back to the boat. And this in turn provides you with superior comfort and back support.

This kayak seat backrest is 18 inches tall making it one of the best kayak seat for a bad back. Furthermore it is countered with thermoformed foam that not only delivers comfort. But also provides a spine hugging support and wrap around lumbar stability.


Comes with a built-in mesh bungee pouch for secure gear storage

And is easy to install on any sit on top kayak

In Addition with a backrest of 18 inches, it is a good buy for anyone with back problems

No slippage when installed

Well padded and very comfortable perfect for hours of paddling


A bit expensive

6. Manta Ray Kayak/Canoe Seat

sit in kayak seat upgrade

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Whether you’re looking a seat for a sit on top, or sit in kayak, even a canoe the Manta Ray seat can do the job. This YakGear kayak seat is designed with a thick adjustable seat back. Furthermore it will provide better support than the standard kayak seat and also better stability.


Nice aesthetics and overall a good looking seat

In Addition it provides good stability and comfort even for larger frame users. This possible as it is designed with a 19 inch tall adjustable back.

Furthermore the seat bottom is nonskid and also has water gutters. The water gutter will come in handy anytime the seat area happens to take in water, the gutters will help to guide the water away.

And for placement of additional supplies, this kayak seat is designed with 2 built-in D-rings. That can be connected

Also can be used practically any kayak or canoe


At just under $100, this kayak seat is a bit expensive

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