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A must have tool before you go kayaking is a good paddle. But find one that suits your specific needs and be really time consuming. But not to worry has I have taken the time to list the best kayak paddle reviews 2018. Whether you’re a beginner or a season kayaker you will more than likely find a paddle that fits your requirements.

Best Kayak Paddle 2018 For the Money

1. SeaSense X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle

best kayak paddle for the money

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Here we have arguable one of the top rated kayak paddle for the money the Seasense X-Treme 2 mix kayak paddle uses a feathered blade design. These paddles are well built and are as sturdy as kayak paddles come. Furthermore it is available in a variety of colors. Making it easy for you to standout and add your own sense of style.

This kayak paddle is available in different lengths, but base on research there are a few things you should keep in. A longer blade helps paddlers to make adjustments quickly if necessary as you will be able to get the blade down in the surf to make course corrections or to avoid flipping over.


  • Lightweight making it a fan favorite as you will be able to paddle for long periods without getting tired
  • With a shaft made of aluminum this paddle is very durable
  • Also floats
  • Gives you a natural and more controlled feel while in use
  • Also it feels very stable
  • Designed with low profile smooth and well design foam for a very comfortable grip.


  • Some customers have complained about water sliding down the pole

2. Naviskin 5 Color Available Aluminum 2 Pieces Construction Kayak Paddles 87 Inch for Kayaking

kayak paddle reviews 2018

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Next on the list we have the Naviskin kayak paddles, available in 5 different colors black,yellow,blue,orange and white. All colors are available at the same price.Furthermore it is designed with a feather blade design.


  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • Also is designed to be dismantle into 2 pieces for easy storage and transportation
  • Very durable
  • In addition it has 3 different locking positions


  • I would recommended that you buy a leash to secure your new paddle in case they should tip over; yes they do float but not for long before they sink, this is based on numerous customer experiences

3. SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle

 lightest kayak paddle

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Next on the list we have the Seasense X-Treme this should as no surprise as SeaSense is one of the most popular kayak paddle brands on the market. They have actually been in business from as far back as 1984 and have continued to supply high quality products at affordable prices.


  • First off the paddle is made aluminum and has been rated as very durable by most users
  • Well spaced grips that will stay in place, providing you with comfort
  • Furthermore the drip plates works well and will keep your hands dry
  • This paddle also floats


  • Works best for shorter trips or recreational use. As a few persons have complained that when hauling load during kayak fishing, the paddle tends to bend due to the excess pressure.

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4. Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle – 2 Piece

best budget kayak paddle

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The Carlisle Day Tripper is designed using a lightweight anodized aluminum shaft, which will provide you with easy gripping capabilities. A stand out feature of this kayak paddle is its push button takedown feature. Allowing you to quickly dismantle the paddle for quick storage or transport.


  • These paddles are designed to float
  • Also the paddles are very durable and lightweight
  • Furthermore it is designed with multiply holes to allow quick connection, and also give users the ability to change the angle of the paddle
  • In addition this paddle is designed to give users the best grip possible, as it delivers a better grip to your dominant hand.
  • Also the splash guard is well placed on this paddle and will help stop you from getting wet


  • The only minor pullback of this paddle is that some customers have noticed it leaking at the joint where the paddle attaches to the handle and grips

5. SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle, 84-Inch

best touring kayak padldle

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Next up we have the SeaSense X-1,at under $30 if you’re on the market for a good cheap kayak paddle this may be just the paddle for you.


  • Solid design shaft
  • Easy to dismantle for storage
  • Also it floats


  • Base on thorough review this paddle would be best suited for kids or someone looking a spare paddle to use now and then