Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

top rated inflatable stand up paddleboards

Paddle boarding has gradually become one of the most popular water activity. But not everyone can afford the fiberglass paddle board or better yet have the convenience of storage or transportation. With this in mind inflatable stand up paddle boards were created. But has it is with any popular activity, there are stand up paddle boards being produce. This is why we have written this article on the best inflatable stand up paddle boards 2018 reviews. Because no one wants to find out when they are ready to hit the water they have an inferior paddle board. So we have done a thorough research and believe you will be able to find an inflatable stand up paddle board of your liking and budget.

You will be amazed by the quality of these boards. Plus unlike a hard board, you won’t need roof racks for transportation. All you will have to do is just carry it place the bag in your trunk and you’re ready to go. And for storage at home because of its lightweight and small size it can be placed in a closet or practically anywhere.

Best Inflatable SUP 2018

1. iRocker Inflatable SPORT Stand Up Paddle Board 11′ Long 30″ Wide 6″ Thick SUP Package

best isup 2018

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Rated has the best inflatable sup 2018, the iRocker paddle boards are preferred by most paddle boards. The most noteworthy advantage of buying this 11 inch board compared to a 10 inch board is the fact that with the added space you will realize that this board offers better stability. In addition this board is better designed to handle rougher waters. Furthermore as they are built with a rigid construction that helps to minimize dragging while gliding through the water. By using a non slip EVA diamond groove deck traction pad, to help with feet positioning.


This paddle board is also designed with 2 fixed 2 inch fins and 1 removable 9 inches center fin

Also it is built with triple layer military grade drop stitch material

Furthermore it’s fast shaped designed, will minimize drag, when your gliding through the water

You will receive a free hand pump with your purchase, with an integrated pressure gauge. Also you will get a free back pack; the irocker carry bag is designed with adjustable shoulder straps. By using the bag you eliminate the trunk of your vehicle getting wet after your through with your adventure.

With your purchase you will also get a high quality aluminum floating paddle, which is able to adjust from 63 to 85 inches. This allows you to choose the desired length that gives you the best stroke with the utmost comfort

With a max weight limit of 385 pounds and a 15 PSI when fully inflated. You will be able to enjoy the same feel of a hard board, with the added benefits of an inflatable board

Budget friendly price compared to competition

There is a D-ring to clip a leash to at the rear end of the board


Some customers have complained about the quality of the bag, although it prevents your vehicle from getting wet, it seems to lack durability

Because of the placement of the D-rings it will be hard to attach a kayak seat to the front of this board

Final thoughts: – the iRocker 11’ sport is definitely a must have for almost anyone going into paddle boarding. As it is known to perform well in calm water and also surfing water conditions. Because of its width and narrow tail, that will help to reduce drag and help you to enjoy a stable ride. This SUP is loved by both beginners and experienced riders.

2. PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Adjustable Paddle, Travel Backpack and Coil Leash, 126 x 31 x 6-Inch


Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

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This Peak brand of inflatable stand up paddle board is highly rated by water lovers. As it is very durable, since it is created with military grade PVC.Furthermore it offers six inches of thickness, this is more than you will get from other brands. But what stands out the most about this stand up paddle compared to others is the fact that it works great for any skill level and conditions. Has it is designed with superior iSUP design. In addition it is also designed with non slip grip, this makes it easy to ride and enjoy steadier ride.


Very durable

Easy to transport, as it easy folds into a back pack for easy portability

No matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, this paddle board is perfect for all

Has a max weight capacity of 300 pounds, making this a good board for your next family adventure. Imagine the fun you could have, whether you want to paddle a bit with your kids or with your dog. With such a high weight limit there are numerous possibilities to endless fun.

Comes with added accessories, for instance high pressure pump and paddle and carry backpack.

Quick and easy inflate

Easy to set up fin

Designed with cargo straps, that you can strap your lunch or sunscreen

Its design allows you to easy connect a kayak seat, which can be purchase separately



3.iRocker Inflatable SPORT Stand Up Paddle Board 10′ Long 30″ Wide 6″ Thick SUP Package


cheap inflatable paddle board 2018

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With a max weight limit of 350 pounds this is 10 inch stand up paddle board is preferred by heavier riders. Made with triple layer military grade PVC,this board is built for durability and will certainly give you years of pleasure. The makers are so confident of the durability of this board that they offer a 2 year warranty on materials. Furthermore this board is designed to offer easier maneuverability. Also like other irocker paddle boards this model offers a lot of stability and good foot grip.


Easy to inflate, plus with your purchase you will get a hand pump and pressure gauge

Very durable and well built using puncture proof material and will definitely withstand some jagged rocks, without causing an issue

Good paddle board for beginners, as this SUP design allows it to float higher in the water, so no wet feet.

Easy to transport

Easier on your feet, as the air helps to cushion your feet more than a hard board would.


Some customers have complained about the quality of the bag

Also a few have complained about the grip of the free paddle

4. Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Package “Adventurer 2″ 10’4”


best inflatable sup 2018

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Whether you’re on the market looking to buy your first SUP or owned one recently. You will be amazed by the quality of this paddle board. First of it is designed for riders has heavy as 350 pounds. As it is made from military grade PVC material and drop stitch construction. With 6 inches of thickness this inflatable stand up paddle board is so durable. It can even manage being run over my SUV and show no sign of dents or anything. Furthermore it deflates in just a few minutes and folds into the same size as a sleeping bag, allowing easy storage and transportation.


Easy to store and transport as it very lightweight

Very durable and well built

Affordable price

High quality fiberglass adjustable paddle included in your purchase

Comes with repair kit


Board tends to stain easily

5. ISLE Airtech Inflatable 11′ Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board 

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The ISLE airtech inflatable explorer is built with military grade PVC that’s 6 inches thick. Making it one of the most durable SUP’s on the market, and eliminate the worry of any dings or damage. Surprisingly this paddle board weighs only 19 pounds making it 30% lighter than the competition. Furthermore it has a max weight limit of 275 pounds, with the exception of experienced riders that can exceed this weight limit. One of few paddleboards that are designed with 14 D rings. There have even incidents that customers has purchase an inflatable attachable seat. And transform this board into a sit on top kayak.


Easy to use

Quick inflation and easy to deflate and roll up also

Designed with 14 D rings and also has a net both at the front and rear of the board

Lightweight and easy to store and carry

Well designed making it easy to keep steady


Not built for speed, but instead provides a slow and steady ride

6. ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10′ All Around Stand Up Paddle Board (6″ Thick) iSUP Package | 

top rated isup

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With a 30 day risk free guarantee and a 1 year manufactures warranty, there is no reason you shouldn’t give this inflatable paddle board a try. Like the other ISLE paddleboard on this list it is also constructed with military grade PVC for added durability and longevity. Furthermore it is designed with extra gear storage makes it perfect for those who like to paddle off the beaten path. With your purchase you will also get a 3 piece aluminum adjustable travel paddle, and a high pressure pump and pressure gauge. Making it an overall bargain and definitely value for money.


Includes a travel fin and repair kit

One of the lightest and stiffest boards

Designed with carry handles and bungee systems, for additional room for storage of accessories

Can also be used for yoga


Some customers have complained about not receiving their carrying bag

7.Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle

best inflatable sup

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This is one of the latest models of paddle boards on the market. Weighing 30 pounds it isn’t the lightest paddle board on the list. But it is still easy to transport as it transform when deflated into practically a big yoga mat. Measuring just 11 inches making it easy to transport and also store. Furthermore it is basically indestructible as it is constructed with drop stitch design. Making it as sturdy and stiff as a traditional hard epoxy board. In addition you will receive 3 removable fins and neat carry handle.


The manufactures are so confident of the durability of this product that they offer a 1 year warranty

Also comes with an adjustable lightweight aluminum paddle

Design makes it a good buy for any skill level

Easily rolls up into a compact package for easy storage and transportation

Comes with a free pump for installation and also a repair kit


A bit heavier than other models as it weighs 30 pounds

8. PathFinder Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboard 9′ 9″ (5″ Thick)

 pathfinder inflatable sup


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Here we have one of the cheaper inflatable stand up paddleboard. Although more affordable the level of durability and material used is the same as the more expensive models. As it is made from PVC material and also has durable multi layer drop stitch. Furthermore it inflates and set up very quickly and easily. And no need to purchase a pump, as with your purchase you will receive a pump. In addition you will receive also a valve wrench. That can be used for easy set up.


Very affordable, one of the cheapest iSUP on the market.

Easy to use, perfect for beginners

Very durable and well built

Lightweight and easy to transport as it weighs approximately 18 Pounds


Comes with a free paddle. Customers have complain about the grip and durability of the paddle

9. Sportstuff 1030 Adventure Stand Up Paddleboard With Accessories

best inflatable sup for sufing


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The makers of Sportstuff 1030 stand up paddleboard don’t only give buyers a top rated paddle board at a budget friendly price. But they also provide you with all the accessories you will need also for the best experience. First of this stand up paddleboard would be a good buy for any beginner as it is designed with a large anti-skid EVA pads. This provides you with secure footing, making it even easier to use. Further it is designed with a keel, and offers superior straight tracking.


With your purchase you will receive an attachable seat, a paddle, pressure hand pump, pressure gauge, fin and more

It is easy to use and perfect to get your practice and build your skills on the water

Has a large anti skid EVA pad for secure footing

Very reasonable price, definitely value for money


Seems to work best with riders weighing under 200 pounds, although it has a max capacity of 250 pounds.

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