Best Inflatable Kayaks

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Having an inflatable kayak definitely has its perks; not only doing are you able to still do some of the activities you would do with hard shell kayak without the stress of transportation. But it is also less expensive and a great buy for most adventure lovers. Below we have the best inflatable kayaks for 2018.These kayaks are highly rated and feature some of the latest construction materials and innovations. These inflatable kayaks can also be used for white water rafting and fishing and more.


Best Inflatable Kayaks Reviews For 2018


best inflatable kayaks 2018

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This 15 feet kayak can be paddled solo or tandem. As it is neatly designed with an open deck style. Meaning it allows users to easily enter and exit. Furthermore it combines a rigid bow and stern rib frame design that is exclusive to the advancedFrame brand. Give you the option to interchange between tandem or solo seating positions and interchangeable decks.In Addition it is designed with 3 layers of durable material that make it puncture resistant.


Versatile seat locations, as it is designed with 3 seat locations; this allows you to use the kayak as tandem kayak and carry a friend along or use it as a solo paddle. Furthermore the seats are well padded and allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride. As it gives good back support, which comes in handy for those long hours of paddling.

In addition at only 52 pounds, it isn’t the lightest inflatable kayak but it is still easy to manage

Also with a max weight capacity of 550 pounds, this inflatable kayak can handle you and another adult, plus your gears or daily catch

It is preassembled at the factory, so all you will have to do upon arrival is unfold, inflate and attach the seats

Designed with paddle holders, on both sides so you can rest your paddle while you reel in your catch

Also comes with repair kit and carrying bag, so you can easily transport your new kayak

Advanced Elements AE1007
Picture of carrying bag

Kayak is pressure tested and inspected before it is packaged and delivered to you. In addition it is built with ripstop fabric and double coated fabric also, which makes it very durable.

Designed with built in aluminum ribs and an overall hull design that has proven to improve tracking

To ensure maximum durability this kayak is made with not one but instead 3 layers of material, giving this kayak maximum puncture resistance


You don’t get a paddle with this purchase, but it is definitely more than worth the price and delivers unmatched quality.

2. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review (Top Rated Inflatable Kayak under $100)

best inflatable kayaks reviews

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This 2 person inflatable kayak is designed in a bright yellow color. Not only does the yellow color makes it look good on the lake or river, but it also gives you high visibility in case you should ever get in an emergency while kayaking. This kayak is originally designed for smaller bodies of water for instance lakes and mild rivers. Furthermore it is made with heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl. This makes it very durable, and they have also included a repair kit just in case you should need it.


With two adjustable inflatable seats, this kayak also has a max weight capacity of 350 pounds allowing 2 people to enjoy their fishing voyage.

Also the cockpit is designed to give users adequate space and comfort

Designed with heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl

Has an inflatable I-beam floor for rigidity

Lightweight as it weighs only 31 pounds, making it easy for a single kayaker to manage and also it is quick and easy to set up. You will also get a high output pump, so you don’t need to buy an additional pump. Furthermore you get a removable skeg that helps to improve directional stability.

You will also receive a U.S. Coast Guard I.D.

Well balanced kayak, with exceptional buoyancy, so you never have to worry about flipping over when re-entering from after taking a swim

Very affordable


Seat doesn’t provide much back support

3.  Sea Eagle SE370K_P (best Inflatable kayak under 500)

best inflatable kayak under 500

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The sea eagle brand of kayaks has been around since 1968.And have continually maintained a high level customer service and have been known to produce some of the best kayaks on the market. The Sea Eagle 370 is able to seat up to 3 persons. As it has a maximum weight capacity of 650 pounds. Furthermore it is designed with sun and saltwater resistant hull material. This inflatable kayak is so durable that you can even carry your dog for a ride without its claws causing the kayak to pop.


Top rated lightweight 3 people inflatable kayak, delivers versatility at a budget friendly price

Quick setup time as it takes approximately 8 minutes

Has been regularly labeled as America’s most popular inflatable kayak

Designed with 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking and speed

Five deluxe one-way valves

Its design makes it also manageable by a single paddler

The material is so durable that you could also carry your dog on your next trip


Heavy duty carrying bag, but its design makes it a bit uncomfortable to carry

4.   Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Review

best inflatable kayak for ocean

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This 1 person kayak is a good buy for anyone that weighs under 220 pounds. This Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is made with durable welded material that gives added safety when on the lake. Furthermore it is also designed with cool, eye catching graphics that is sure to make you stand out amongst your friends. Also its cockpit has adequate foot space so you will be comfortable while using this kayak. And a handy cargo net built to store your extra gears.


Quick and easy assembly and inflation

Very comfort high back seats

Very lightweight and easy to transport

Easy maneuverability

Very durable and puncture proof

Comes with a repair patch kit

You will also get a carrying case and a pump with your order

Also designed with a cargo net that helps to store extra gears


Hull seems to get uncomfortable during those very sunny days

Would be best purchase new paddle, as most customers seems to find the paddle uncomfortable to grip

5.Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

inflatable kayak under 500

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Here we have yet another kayak from the Sea Eagle brand. The Sea Eagle SE330 is made with a very durable and thick material. That ensures that you will get years of enjoyment from it. But at the same time it is very lightweight and easy to carry. As it weighs only 26 pounds, but still has a ma weight capacity of 500 pounds. Making it easy for 2 adults and their accessories to fit in. Furthermore with an assembling time of only 6 minutes. You will be quickly into the water in no time. This is a good kayak for your next white water river experience, imagine the fun you and that special someone could have.


Versatile as it can be used for kayak fishing, skin diving, and even yacht tending

Comes with a 3 year warranty

Has a max weight limit of 500 pounds

Very lightweight as it weighs only 26 pounds making it easy for a single person to carry it

Made from high quality durable material

Suitable for class III whitewater


The free paddles when attached still gives off a bit of play at the center

6.  Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak


Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak

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This inflatable kayak comes with a no leak guarantee. As it is designed with a tarpaulin bottom and polyester cover. This gives it maximum protection from punctures and unmatched durability. Furthermore it takes on average only 5 minutes to set up. But what really stands out is it easy to carry design. When not inflated this Kayak folds into a backpack. And at a weight of just 25.5 pounds, you can easily throw it on your back and carry it to your next camping trip or any trek.


Designed with D- rings and bungee storage areas, for easy onboard storage

Also designed with spray covers that will help to keep you dry from splashed water

Very durable and puncture proof

Folds into a backpack for easy storage and transportation

Sevylor Quikpak K5 review

Multiple air chambers in case you should hit a snag, this will help to get you back to shore


Works best for shorter trips, as it can be a bit hard to paddle

Comes with a free paddle, but it seems that they don’t offer a comfortable grip

Inflatable Kayaks Buyers Guide

An inflatable kayak is perfect for those who like to kayaking occasionally, probably sometimes in distant locations. As with an inflatable kayak, most models are light and compact enough to transport in your car trunk and also as a bag.

Some benefits of inflatable kayaks are

  • They are lightweight and compact making them easy to transport to areas where the possibility of renting kayaks may not be possible
  • These kayaks also tend to be less expensive
  • Takes little effort and time to assemble and fully inflate. Plus when your finish all you have to do is deflate and you’re practically ready to go home
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you will quickly realize that inflatable kayaks offer easy maneuverability and are very easy to control.
  • Offers easy re- entry
  • Most inflatable kayaks are spacious and offer adequate legroom
  • Inflatable kayaks are very durable as they are built with puncture resistant material

Our number one recommendation when it comes to inflatable kayaks is the advanced elements kayak. This kayak has proven over the years that it is as good they come. Originally designed as a tandem 3 person kayak, this kayak allows you and another adult plus a child or a pet. To comfortable enjoy yourselves on the water. Furthermore for those days that you feel like going out alone you can simply remove the other seats and uses only the middle seats.

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