Best Fishing Kayaks Under 500

best kayak for fishing

Choosing a kayak is exciting as it is the first step into days of fun adventures. Especially a fishing kayak, as not only should this kayak deliver comfort. But also should be spacious and stable enough for you to focus solely on increasing your daily catch. This is why I would recommend you chose one of the kayaks off this review of the best fishing kayaks under 500 2018.Yes, you read correctly we have combed through the top rated fishing kayaks on the market. And taking into consideration a budget of $500 or less to come up with this in-depth list. These kayaks are loved by their owners and have constantly gotten rave reviews from seasoned fishermen and kayak enthusiast.

Best Fishing Kayaks Under 500 of 2018

1. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak

best fishing kayaks under 500 2018

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Most Kayak enthusiasts or users know the old town brand as they have over the years produced top quality canoes and kayaks.However, for those who may not know. The Old town has also well known for creating several other top of the line kayaks. But none as popular as the offer we will be talking about today, the vapor 10.This kayak is priced under $500 and is definitely one of the best fishing kayaks on the market.

This kayak offers a compact and eye catching look. With its external graphic design being next to none. With a nice blend of orange yellow accent, this kayak is sure to stand out anytime you above the more traditional kayaks.

This is all good and dandy, but I know most of you are not here for the looks and are interested in the performance. So let’s cut the small talk and get to take a look at the kayaks performance.

The Old Town Vapor 10 is designed with both newcomers to kayak fishing and experienced users in mind. With a large cockpit opening, this kayak doesn’t only deliver superior comfort that is on matched. But also good stability, this combines gives you a piece of mind and a reassuring ride. Furthermore it is equipped with comfortable adjustable padded seats. This a definite plus as a normal fishing trip does take a few hours and having a comfortable seat is a must.


Firstly this kayak has a max weight capacity of 274 to 325 pounds. This makes it a fan favorite amongst larger owners. Plus this allows this kayak to easily carry both you and load without any hassle.

The old town vapor 10 Is designed for recreational use, but it has over the years been proven that it can also be used for a fishing kayak. Because of its large cargo space and molded paddle rest. Fishermen will be able to not only carry their load. The extra storage makes also a favorite among campers as you can carry your camping supplies and food along with you.

Also the glide Track foot brace system is designed to fit your foot comfortably. Further the makers of this kayak made sure to make it easy to reach and make desired adjustments and positioning.

In addition this compact kayak weighs only 47 pounds. Making it lightweight and easy to transport. Owners have repeatedly sung praises of the ease of movement this makes possible, no longer will you need someone else assistance to take you kayak to the water or place on top of your car.

This kayak also tracks very well and has on numerous occasions been compared more expensive models.

When it comes to durability this vapor 10 has been rated amongst the best kayaks. Built with high quality polyethylene, this kayak definitely can handle the rough waters and been dragged on rocks if needs be, without getting damage.


Doesn’t come with a paddle, so you will need to order one separately.


2. Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle, Tan, 120″

top rated fishing kayak under 500

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This offers all the qualities of an expensive fishing kayak, but surprisingly it is being sold at a reasonable price.Arguably one of the best sit on top fishing kayak, the Lifetime Muskie 120 angler kayak is designed to deliver both comforts for you and carriage of fishing gear in unmatched style.

A quick look at the lifetime brand showed that this company was founded in 1986.And over the years created a variety of innovative products, that they take pride in selling at affordable prices. And aim to improve and simplify our everyday life experiences. Last but not least this company is located in the USA, but they import their parts.

The Muskie 120 Angler kayak is highly rated by present and previous owners. As it described as a good kayak to buy and passed on from generation to generation. Because of its superior design and low price this kayak has intrigued buyers at both entry level and seasoned fishermen to try it. And if the reviews are anything to go buy it’s a must have for anyone that is serious about fishing.

With not one but two flushes mounted fishing pole holders and a top mount rotating rod holder. This kayak will become any fisherman’s favorite tool.


The Muskie 120 kayak is 120 inches long and 31 inches and has two 6 inches storage compartments in the rear and center. This will give you more than enough room to comfortably maneuver and also ample storage space. Customers have boasted of being able to fit a standard sized milk crate and a small cooler in the back. Although the about of gears you can carry varies as it as a max weight capacity of 275 pounds.

Furthermore with multiple footrest positioning an adjustable padded seat and also padded backrest. You will be so comfortable enjoying the beautiful serenity of the great outdoors that you will be wondering where the time has gone.

And don’t even talk about durability as this lightweight 50 pound fishing kayak. Is constructed with UV-protected high density polyethylene.This structure will not fade or crack, although we don’t recommend you mistreating your kayak, there are few kayaks as durable as this. The makers are so confident that they offer a 5 year limited warranty with your purchase. If that doesn’t show that this is a durable product I don’t know what will.

Another standout feature is the deep hull tracking channels and stability chine rails. Allowing you to enjoy a stable and smooth ride.I have even seen numerous claims that it is quite stable standing up.

Some customers have asked if a fish transducer can be mounted to shoot through the hull of this kayak, and after thorough research I have seen instance where other customers have tried this it worked out just fine.

Furthermore to secure your paddle this kayak is designed with a little bungee cord on both sides that you can use to strap the paddle to kayak when not in use.

Overall this is one of the best fishing kayak for the money in 2018.


Heavier customers for instance over 200 pounds tend to feel uncomfortable on the seats after a few hours.So if you’re in this weight class it would best to add an extra cushion to seat before going for a long fishing trip.

No scupper plugs included

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3. Emotion Stealth Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak, Camo, 10’3″

cheap stand up kayak

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We had looked at over 15 fishing kayaks to come up with this list of the top 6.And the Stealth Angler was the only kayak with a high ranking for each criteria. With this in mind it came as no surprise that it was in the top 3 for practically all kayak reviews. Before we go any further I should tell you that it cost a bit over the 500 dollars mark, but it’s worth every red penny. 

The Emotion Kayaks brand prides themselves on building top of the line kayaks for fishing excursions or fun trips. Unlike other companies that eventually spread themselves thin by mass production. This company made sure to keep it simple and stick to mastering the kayak niche.

The stealth 10 angler kayak is a versatile sit on top kayak and comes in a camouflage color. This kayak works well for both beginners and intermediate kayakers. And is designed to handle practically every water condition. Imagine owning a kayak that can handle lakes, ponds, bays, oceans, slow moving rivers and waterways.

When all is said what we really love about this kayak is the fact that it is equipped with the triple threat fishing configuration and large cargo space. Allowing you to carry milk creates; bait bucket and all your gears without feeling crowded. This kayak is designed specifically to deliver great fishing experiences. It even has two flush mounts and a deck mount rod holder for added convenience.


Firstly when we talk about a stealth kayak we have to mention its superior tracking ability. Whether your kayak is loaded with gears and your daily catch. Or carrying you alone this kayak travels seamlessly. Plus has stated above it handles all water conditions, and will never come up lacking. This kayak is known to break waves and its design makes it easier to paddle and in turn helps you to reserve energy. This 10 feet 3 inches in length fishing kayak, will be carried quickly and safely to where the good fishing spots are.

Also its weighs only 51 pounds, making it rather light weight. So you will more than likely be able to plug it along or lift it to place on your vehicle without needing much assistance.

Furthermore this kayak is built with Roto- molded Linear Polyethylene. Making it very durable. This kayak also comes with a 5 year limited warranty. This goes to show that makers stand behind their promise of providing you with a durable kayak.

In addition the molded foot wells make a very secure foot brace while you travel.

But no fishing kayak is complete without a high quality seat. The Stealth 10 angler is designed with molded in seat, which can also be folded down depending on your personal desire.

Also it is designed with ledge lock paddle keepers; this will definitely keep your paddle secure.


Doesn’t come with a paddle

Also doesn’t come with the plugs for the scupper holes, but you can purchase this separately. It is recommended that you buy a medium size plug and if necessary shave it down to get the best fit.

4. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

top rated inflatable fishing kayak

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Fishing is lots of fun especially when you have found a spot that has produced some good catch. But the experience feels even better with a friend along. Hence why this Colorado 2 person fishing kayak is at the top of so many fishers wish list. This top rated inflated fishing kayak is very convenient and also durable.

A quick review of the Sevylor company; Firstly this company has been around for over 65 years having first burst on the scene in 1949.According to their company website, you can actually trace their products to as far back as world war 2 France.They specialize in making inflatable water sports and recreation products. And have carved out a name for themselves as a leader in innovations when it comes to inflatable kayaks. As they use cutting edge technology and are all on the lookout for ways to improve their services and please their customers even more.

Designed with an 18 gauge PVC construction and heavy duty tarpaulin bottom.This kayak is built rugged and is perfect for lake use. Furthermore with a weight capacity of 470 pounds,you experience no problems while loaded with your gears and daily catch.

One pull back that some inflatable kayaks seem to have is the length of time and effort they take to inflate. But it seems the makers of the Coleman Colorado placed extra effort in this department. As they designed their kayak with multiple air chambers. That not only allows quick inflation but also in case one chamber should get puncture and deflate. You will still be able to make it to shore as the kayak will still have other chambers inflated. And with an airtight system this kayak is guaranteed not to leak.


A definite bonus of owning an inflatable fishing kayak is portability that it gives you. Weighing only 41.2 pounds you this kayak is easy to manage. And when not in use you can simply fold it and store it in a closet, garage or a dry location. Until you’re ready to go fishing again. Furthermore you can actually inflate your kayak on location, so no need to struggle with placing your kayak on or in the vehicle and having to buy additional kayak accessories to aim with proper transportation.

And don’t worry about your new kayak getting punctured as it is made with durable PVC material. And also designed with a thick tarpaulin bottom and a tough nylon cover. That offers maximum protection from any likely damages.

Where will you place your paddles to free up your hands? Well this fishing kayak is designed with paddle holders.

Also designed with the Berkley quick set rod holders, this allows you to adjust your pole handle for an even better hands free fishing experience.

In addition if down the line you decide you want to attach a motor for an even smoother and easier ride. You can buy and add the Sevylor trolling motor to this kayak. And with the adjustable seats that are included, you will be in comfort the whole trip.

Also designed with a rear fin, that helps to assist with tracking and keeping the kayak going straight


You will have to buy the pump and pressure gauges separately as it is not included in the package.Neither are the paddles.

A few customers have complained about the placement of the rod holder bracket on the kayak. As it sometimes makes paddling a bit uncomfortable.

5. Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

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Next on the list of top rated fishing kayaks under 500,is the Sun Dolphin journey kayak this fishing kayak shows that you can still get a good fishing kayak even on a budget. The sun dolphin brand has produced some of the most popular kayaks. But none has popular has this sit on top fishing kayak.

Weighing only 44 pounds this 10 feet kayak is designed to make your next fishing excursion memorable. Furthermore with a weight limit of 280 pounds, you will be able to carry your gears along. This kayak is also designed with a portable accessory carrier; this can be used as a tow behind. Or better yet as an extra storage compartment.


This kayak is built with rugged high density polyethylene

Also it is designed with two flush mounts and one swivel fishing rod holder. This can come in very handy for when you want to give your hand a break need somewhere to rest your fishing rod.

In addition it also as well designed paddle holders on either side. So you won’t have to worry about your paddle falling in the water, while you’re reeling in your catch.

Furthermore to ensure you get a comfortable ride the sun dolphin journey 10 comes with comfortable seating area, and even has protective thigh pads. To top it off this kayak also has adjustable foot braces. Overall this kayak is sure to make your fishing excursion as comfortable as possible.

No fishing trip is complete without a few beverages, hence the makers of this kayak made sure to include a large bottle holder and it even has side pockets that if needed can be used to hold your cans.


Doesn’t come with a paddle

Also customers have complained about the stability of the kayak. As it sometimes turns and has to be repositioned sometimes when you maybe taking a few cast.


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