Best Fishing Kayak Under 400

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Thoughts of going fishing but you’re on a tight budget? Well don’t worry we have you covered. In this article, we have reviewed the best cheap fishing kayaks. Furthermore we made sure to add the best fishing kayak under 400 for 2018.These kayaks although reasonable are definitely not lacking in quality and in some instances may even surpass some of the more expensive kayaks.

Best Fishing Kayak Under 400 For 2018

1. Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

best fishing kayak under $300 in 2018

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We are starting our review with the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 fishing kayak. For those who may not know, this Sun Dolphin 10 foot kayak is designed specifically for fishing.

Although some customers have used as a recreational kayak also. However please keep in mind that the excursion 10 has gotten numerous accolades and is seen as a top rated fishing kayak. For both beginners looking to buy a kayak on a budget. And avid kayak enthusiast.


If you feel like carrying your Bluetooth speaker along or any hands free electronic device while out on the water, you will love the well thought out console area for hands free electronic devices on this kayak

Also have numerous other storage compartments. Also the P.A.C. also known as the portable accessory carrier can be used as an extra storage area if desired.

For a 10 foot kayak the sun dolphin as proven to be well designed as it can handle a max weight limit of up 280 pounds. And a large open cockpit in fact the cockpit measures 79 cm and also comes with an adjustable seat.

Furthermore it has protective thigh pads and adjustable foot braces, overall this kayak is built to not only carry you to the best fishing spots. But to also have you feeling as comfortable as possible while you fish.

Additionally at only 44 pounds, this kayak is rather light weight and with well placed carrying handles, transporting this kayak will be hassle free.

And has 2 flush mount rod holders and one swivel rod holder.


While it is very stable, I would recommend it for use at sea. Has it doesn’t have any drainage system, so if you should happen to take in water it will not self bail

Also the bottom of the kayak seat is not padded, but if you desire a better quality seat that can purchase separately. Furthermore a paddle isn’t included in the package so you will have to order one separately.

2. Lifetime Lotus Kayak Review

best fishing kayaks under 400 2018

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This 8 feet lifetime lotus kayak is compact and well designed. Allowing even an adult of up to 250 pounds to comfortable kayak. While still being small enough to store inside your closet or around the regular size apartment. Additionally this kayak is built from high-density polyethylene, which is UV protected and has been blow molded, making it very durable but at the same time lightweight.Furthermore there are numerous accessories on the market for this kayak. Allowing you to personalize your model and make it stand out compared to other kayaks.


This sit on top kayak provides top rated stability as it is designed with a tunnel hull.

Also at 8 feet this kayak is easy to maneuver and would be a good fishing kayak for beginners or anyone looking to go on a fishing excursion. And with multiple footrest positions, this kayak can accommodate various size paddlers hassle free.

Furthermore at only 38 pounds this kayak very lightweight and with the front T-handle design. You will be able to easily transport it without needing any assistance.

And keep in mind that lifetime kayaks are built in the USA

Additional as is common with fishing kayaks, this model also has well designed paddle cradles. So you can rest your paddle while you reel in your daily catch

You get a free high quality paddle with your purchase

Some other cool built in features of this kayak are; the mast receiver receptacle and a bottle holder

Furthermore it comes with shock cords that can be used to store large items while on board and also some ditty trays that may come in handy for safe storage of small items.

In addition it has self-bailing scupper holes, this quickly and easily drain any water that may gather in the cockpit or tank well


Definitely not a fast kayak, but what it lacks in speed it more than compensates for with stability.

3.Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

sea eagle kayaks

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Next on the list we have the Sea eagle SE370, for those who don’t know, Sea eagle is one of the best brands when it comes inflatable kayaks. They are numerous kayakers favorites as they not only give you more portability but there are also affordable compared to some of the other kayaks and is considered one of the best kayaks under $400 in 2018. This inflatable kayak would be a good buy for any family. As it seats up to 3 adults.


 First off this kayak weighs only 32 pounds, making it lightweight.This highlights one of the main reason we like inflatable kayaks.As they can be easily folded and stored almost anywhere. Furthermore they are lightweight and easy to carry when inflate. Also transporting them is a breeze as they can fit in almost any car trunk.

You would think that such a light kayak can not handle much weight, well you couldn’t be further from the truth as it actually as a max weight capacity of 650 pounds.Yes that’s right you can practically carry a small family out on a nice trip on the lake in your new kayak.

Another myth that the SE370 puts to shame the belief that inflatable kayaks are hard to inflate and take up a lot of time to fully inflate. Well with this kayak you will be through inflating and assembling and ready to go in just 8 minutes approximately. Furthermore you will receive a foot pump and pressure gauge with your purchase, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a pump

In addition it is made with polykrylar PVC material, making it one of the most durable kayaks on the market. Base on research customers have even boasted about carrying there down kayaking also.As the kayak is not easily punctured, so you don’t need to worry about the dog paws damaging your kayak.

And the material is also sun and saltwater resistant

Plus for better tracking and increased speed, this kayak is designed with 2 skegs

With your purchase, you will also receive 2 paddles, a carrying bag, and a repair kit


While the carrying bag is durable, it can be a bit uncomfortable to carry has it isn’t designed with the regular back straps, of the regular back.

Also takes up quite a few minutes to dry it off and place it back into the backpack

4.Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak

best cheap fishing kayaks

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If you’re looking for a top rated, lightweight kayak, the Zydeco 9 is the kayak for you. Originally designed to be used as a recreational kayak. This kayak will amaze you. First off this kayak weighs only 36 pounds, making it easy for a single person to manage. Plus its design makes it easy to load onto any vehicle. Furthermore whether you’re an expert or beginner you will love how easy the kayak is to maneuver with while out on the waters and it turns on a dime, which is a definite plus. And there are few kayaks at this price range that can come close to it in the durability category.

Dagger kayak first came to prominence back in 1988.That was practically two decades ago since then this company has gone to new heights.And has improved their kayak designs and tend to use the latest material to build their kayaks.


Lightweight design makes it easy for one person to lift and load on a vehicle.Also it has a max weight capacity of 220 pounds.And has foam blocks so no need to worry about sinking.

Spacious open cockpit, with adequate leg and adjustable foot pegs, allows you to comfortable experience.

Also comes with a well designed deluxe seat, that is also adjustable, and has gotten rave reviews for being very comfortable. Furthermore you will like the built-in cup holder.

In addition it is designed with a large stowaway area behind the seat, allowing you to store accessories if need. Plus this area is still easily accessible while on the water.

And it has two deck rigging zones that some customers have used to hang their PFD on

This kayak is also designed to deliver good speed which it does, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks stability as this kayak tracks well especially on shallow flats.

You will also like the unique built in paddle holder, which is designed with an easy access tab. That makes it easy to use even with wet hands.


It doesn’t come with paddles, but its durability and ease of maneuverability it is definitely value for money.

5. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

cheap kayaks

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Next on the list is the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak. As you may have realized this is the second kayak from the sea eagle line to make it onto our list. That goes to show that their kayaks are definitely a cut above the rest. The 330 sea eagle kayak is designed for fishing, class III whitewater rafting, skin diving and yacht tending. So whether you feel like going for a slow and therapeutic paddle or heart racing blasts down a whitewater river. This kayak can handle it.


This kayak is built to seat an adult and a child, with a max weight capacity of up to 500 pounds.Furthermore its design makes it a good buy for single paddlers also.And with such a high weight capacity you won’t have any problems carrying your fishing gears and your catch back to shore.

But other from that what really stands out with this kayak is its weight.The Sea Eagle 330 weighs only 26 pounds and designed to easily fold.Giving you maximum portability and it also fits any car trunk. So there is no limit on where you can carry this kayak to.

In addition it has a quick set up and inflation time of only 10 minutes and comes with a foot pump. So no need to worry about spending hours the shore inflating your kayak.

Furthermore it is built with very durable material as they have used a thicker hull material and also a much better material formulation for maximum durability and strength.

This kayak is easy to handle and can be easily paddled by kayakers of any skill level. And comes with two rear skegs for improved tracking and speed. Giving you a similar feel to a surfboard.

Another feature worth mentioning is the carrying bag that you will get with this kayak. Has it is well designed and large enough for you to easily fit back all parts and items quickly in when you’re through with your voyage.


Not big enough to comfortably seat two adults.

6. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10  (Best Fishing Kayak under 300)

cheap kayaks for sale under 200

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The next kayak we will be looking at is the Sun Dolphin Bali ss 10 foot.For under $300 there isn’t another kayak that even comes close to its quality. For those who don’t know sun dolphin is one of the top brands when it comes kayaks. And they have made this model as a budget friendly sit on top kayak.This would be a good buy for a beginner, has it is very stable and easy to manage.Perfect kayak to learn different paddling techniques and improve your kayaking skills.


First off you will love the open cockpit design as not only does it give you easy entry, but it’s also very spacious and gives you the luxury of different foot positions. Also the seat is definitely worth mentioning as it has been rated as very comfort and also designed to offer good back support

Furthermore this kayak is designed with protective thigh pads, to help ensure you have a comfortable trip.

And with a max weight capacity of 250 pounds and well designed adjustable foot braces, this kayak can also be used by different body types. It comes highly recommended for use on lakes and rivers.

This kayak is built from rugged UV stabilized high density polyethylene. This material has been used on some of the most durable kayaks on the market. And are known to be resistant to scratches and cracks, or fading

Also at 44 pounds this kayak is lightweight and can be easily managed by one person

Offers good stability and tracks well

The open bow gives you more storage space that most kayaks this size


Some customers have complained about the location of the self-bailing hole, as it is basically beside the seat. This sometimes leads to their shorts getting wet, but you can fix this problem by using a seat cushion or a drain plug.

7. Sun Dolphin Journey 12-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Best fishing kayak under 400

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Here we yet another sun dolphin kayak but unlike the journey 10 feet that we just looked at earlier. The Journey 12 foot provides kayakers with more room and tends to be more stable also. This kayak especially loved by taller individuals as it offers good legroom, as it is designed with a large seat area and an open cockpit. Giving users easy entry and lots of space and comfort. This kayak is perfect for lakes and rivers and will definitely get you to those secluded fishing hot spots.


With well designed retractable carrying handles and a weight of only 48 pounds, this kayak is not too heavy and can still lift with little assistance

Not only does this kayak have large comfortable seats, but it is also designed with protective thigh pads to give you an overall good experience

Also comes with two flush mounts and one swivel fishing rod holder. So you have somewhere safe to place your fishing rod while you paddle

One major advantage the 12 foot sun dolphin journey as over 10 foot model is its increase stability, plus it tracks and paddles easily. This has made it a fan favorite also for elderly kayakers as it takes less effort.

Furthermore it has a max weight capacity of 395 pounds

Also comes with a paddle and is designed with a removable waterproof hold in the stern


Doesn’t come with any scuppers

The hull design makes it hard to make modification if desired. But some customers have instead used a Molly or a bolt anchor. As it is fairly difficult to reach your hand inside the hull too.

8. Tahiti Fish/Hunt Kayak

best inflatable fishing kayak under 200

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If you’re on a tight budget and need a cheap fishing kayak, well look no further the Tahiti fishing kayak. This kayak surprisingly cost under $150 and can comfortably seat 2 people. This kayak is built by the Sevylor brand. And combines all of the features of a good inflatable kayak. With some added benefits that you will normally find only on certain fishing kayaks.


This kayak is designed with adjustable seats that can be removed to fit your personal desire. And also the backrest allows you to lean back and take in the ambiance

In addition it has a maximum weight capacity of 360 pounds. Which is enough for you and a child plus your fishing gears

This inflatable kayak is also built with durable PVC material. And designed with a double lock valves that make it both easy to inflate and deflate

But what stands out with this kayak is its weight as this kayak only weighs 19 pounds. Making it one of the lightest kayaks on the market. And with the free carry bag, this kayak is as easy as it comes when transporting a kayak. And when you reach your location and inflate the kayak.You can also use the built-in carrying handles to carry the kayaking and out of the water


It doesn’t come with a pump or paddles


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