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Best Kayak Paddle

A must have tool before you go kayaking is a good paddle. But find one that suits your specific needs and be really time consuming. But not to worry has I have taken the time to list the best kayak paddle reviews 2018. Whether you’re a beginner or a season kayaker you will more than […]

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How To Kayak For Beginners

Today we will be looking at how to kayak for beginners.Kayaking is one of the most popular water activities.But it does take awhile and some practice to get the full understanding of it.As there are important techniques to follow and also safety tips to keep in mind.The main aim of this article is to show […]

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best kayaks for beginners

When starting out in anything it’s important to get the proper equipment. Except learning will be harder and you may get discouraged. Hence why we are glad that you decided to have a look at this review of the best kayaks for beginners 2018. These affordable kayaks will make learning the basics of kayaking fun. […]

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Best Life Jackets For Kayaking

Your personal safety and the safety of your family are always of utmost importance. Especially when on the water as the most experience of swimmers sometimes meets into unexpected difficulties.With this in mind and so many unseen dangers buying the best life jackets for kayaking is a must. But with tons of options on the […]

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Best Kayak Seats

Having a comfortable kayak seat is a must for anyone that owns a kayak. Kayaking is loads of fun when you’re comfortable. But if you have an uncomfortable seat that causes your back to ache and offer no form of back support, it will almost be impossible to enjoy yourself. But going from site to […]

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Best Kayak For Dogs

Are you searching for dog friendly kayaks? well look no further,we have you covered.Below we have reviewed the best kayak for dogs 2018.Finally you will be able to carry your friend along with you when you go fishing or sightseeing on the water. Best Kayak For Dogs 2018 1. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor […]

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Best Inflatable Kayaks

Having an inflatable kayak definitely has its perks; not only doing are you able to still do some of the activities you would do with hard shell kayak without the stress of transportation. But it is also less expensive and a great buy for most adventure lovers. Below we have the best inflatable kayaks for […]